We have combined the power of nature and the know-how of our experienced programmers and developed an innovative forestry information system called Tajfun.

Our system enables immediate processing of data through the mobile application, as well as printing on the mobile printer. You can also simply export the data into electronic form and submit them through Dropbox, e-mail or simply synchronize them with your existing system through the internet connection (mobile data transfer, WiFi etc.).

Electronic digital caliper Tajfun BOB 800

Electronic digital caliper is designed for professional use in forestry and wood industry. It is used for measuring forest wood assortments (trees, logs and boards). When purchasing a caliper you also receive a licence for software Tajfun MX BOB basic. 

Main features of caliper Tajfun BOB 800:

  • integrated wireless technology;
  • high mechanical resistance standard: NEMA-4;
  • high mechanical protection IP67 that enables measuring in different weather conditions (sun, Snow, rain); lightweight, durable and ergonomic design is easy to use and enables easier manoeuvring on tight measurement points;
  • easy-to-use and high performance software for data processing (no computing skills needed);
  • digital and mechanical display of diameter value;
  • enables extremely fast measuring;
  • direct transformation of measured data into a digital form which makes it an excellent supplement to forestry machinery.

Measuring range 32''
Dimensions 39.9'' x 23'' x 1.5''
Weight 2.75 Ibs
Measurement accuracy (mechanical) ±0.5 mm
Measurement accuracy (electronic) ±1 mm
Measurement method Electronic – wireless
Temperature range of use -40 F to +140 F


Tajfun MX BOB Software

A modern and innovative software for Android mobile devices (phones, PDAs, tablet computers, ...) that  together with the forest caliper enables reading, recording, editing, and printing of acquired data from measuring the forest wood assortments (trees, logs and boards). It is designed for individual forest owners, owners of small sawmills and professional users – foresters and wood-handling professionals.  Tajfun MX BOB communicates wirelessly with other devices that are necessary for smooth work in a forest (electronic caliper Tajfun BOB 800, portable printers, …).

Modern and innovative software for the Android operating system.



Log measurements 
(diameter, length, quality, bark, ID, tree species)

Boards measurements 
(length, width, height, quality, quantity, ID, tree species)
Standing trees measurements
(diameter, height, quality, ID, tree species)
Mixed wood material measurements – wood chips, pellets, sticks, logs, boards
(volume, weight input, quality, tree species)
Data export into PDF or Excel files
Input of basic information into the document 
(customer, seller, transporter, ...)